Does HHC Get You High
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Does HHC Get You High?

HHC is legal, but can HHC get you high? The debate between Hexahydrocannibinol (HHC) and Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) rages on, as cannabis users try to determine which of these two compounds gets them higher. Some swear by the power of HHC, while others find THC more potent. So, what is the truth? Let’s take a closer look at both of these cannabinoids and see which one comes out on top!

HHC vs. THC – Which is Stronger?

HHC and THC are both cannabinoids, meaning they are both compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Both THC and HHC will get you high. However, they have very different effects on the body. THC is a much stronger cannabinoid than HHC, and it is this potency that makes it so popular with users looking for a powerful high. HHC, on the other hand, is less potent and doesn’t produce the same intense buzz as THC. However, it is important to note that many HHC products come in the form of concentrates, making them quite powerful if that’s what you’re looking for.

HHC will get you high, but it’s not going to ruin your day. This is why a lot of people affectionately refer to HHC and Delta 8 as “work weed”. If you’re a daily, medicinal marijuana user you may find that the effects of HHC are a perfect fit for your day. You can stay medicated without the heavy sedentary effects of THC bogging you down. I find that it’s perfect for creative work such as writing this article. *wink wink*

How is HHC Made?

Roger Adams was the first person to successfully add hydrogen to THC in the 1940s, creating HHC. The process of adding hydrogen is called hydrogenation, and it changes the chemical structure of Delta 9 THC. The process of hydrogenation, patented in 1947, is still used in many manufacturing processes today such as turning vegetable oil into margarine.

By replacing a double bond with two Hydrogen atoms, Adams was able to create a more stable version of the psychoactive Delta 9 THC compound. This makes HHC less susceptible to damage from heat and UV light than THC thus, giving it a longer shelf life.

Is HHC synthetic?

Delta-9 THC is the most common form of THC found in cannabis plants. HHC is also a naturally occurring compound in cannabis, albeit in much smaller quantities. While HHC could be extracted from the cannabis plant, it’s small quantities make extraction cost prohibitive. As a result, most commercially manufactured HHC products are a combination of both natural and synthetic compounds making a semi-synthetic. Nowadays HHC products are often derived from hemp to remain compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, making the products federally legal for sale.

HHC Cannabinoid

What are the side effects of HHC? Is HHC safe?

While there are many benefits to taking HHC, there are also potential side effects. The most common side effect is anxiety or paranoia, especially if someone takes too much. Other potential side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Red eyes
  • Upset Stomach

It’s important to start with a low dose and increase gradually as needed. Speak with a doctor before taking HHC or any other cannabis products.   

HHC is not addictive and does not produce the same high that THC does. HHC can be used in conjunction with other medications safely with the consultation of your physician. Luckily, HHC has very few side effects when taken as directed.

Will HHC show up on a drug test?

HHC is not currently included in standard drug panels. However, because HHC is a metabolite of THC, it’s possible that HHC could show up on a more comprehensive drug test. If you are subject to regular drug testing, it’s important to consult the specific panel being used before taking HHC or any other cannabis products.

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular as more states legalize its use. With the rise in popularity, there are also more questions about the legalities as it pertains to employment. States with legal recreational marijuana programs usually make it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees for using legal cannabis products. However, if you live in a state that hasn’t decriminalized marijuana, you definitely want to keep reading.

Do HHC products contain THC?

HHC products can legally contain up to .3% of THC. Depending on the drug test, your metabolism and the last time you used a HHC product, you may test positive for THC. HHC can also change chemical composition when consumed and processed. Studies show in certain cases HHC can metabolize into THC-COO in the body, which will also lead to a failed drug test.

If you have an important drug screening coming up you should always check with local laws prior to consumption. If your state doesn’t allow for legal cannabis use, we recommend that you don’t use any type of HHC, Delta 8, Delta 10 or alternative cannabinoid prior to testing.


Using the same method as creating THC-O, acetic anhydride is added to the mix. HHC then becomes a more powerful cannabinoid known as HHC-O or HHC Acetate. The addition of acetic anhydride allows for HHC to more effectively bind to the receptors in your body creating a more euphoric sensation. Though there is limited data on these newly emerging cannabinoids, most users equate HHC-O to being three times more potent than its HHC counterpart. If you’re looking for something stronger than HHC but not as strong as THC, HHC-O is a good choice.

Is HHC the right cannabinoid for me?

Like any medication prescribed by a doctor, the only way to find out which cannabinoids are right for your body are to try them. Firstly, consult your physician to ensure that cannabinoids will benefit you and not interact in a negative way with any existing treatments.

Start slowly with small doses when you have time to gauge effects. Increase your doses as needed until you decide what works best. Keep in mind that your body will build a tolerance to any cannabinoid, not just THC. If you are using HHC products to treat pain, anxiety or any other ailments, it’s always best to ration your usage. This will ensure that the cannabinoids will do their job as needed.

If you are considering using HHC products, please take a look at our inventory here. Thanks so much for reading and we hope you enjoy your legal HHC products.