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Delta 8 Gummies Wholesale

The Delta 8 Industry is Booming

Why should you buy Delta 8 gummies wholesale for your shop? There are many benefits to selling Delta 8 products. With the recent legalization of hemp-derived Delta 8 in many states, the demand for these products has exploded. It’s provided a legal way for people to experience similar effects to THC. And as more and more people learn about the numerous benefits of Delta 8, that demand is only continuing to grow.

As a Sneaky Brands Delta 8 retail vendor, you’ll be able to provide your customers with high-quality Delta 8 gummies and products at a reasonable retail price. This means that they’ll be able to save money while still getting all of the benefits that Delta 8 has to offer. Additionally, as a Delta 8 wholesale partner, you’ll have access to our preferred pricing program when you buy Delta 8 gummies in bulk.

How do I choose the best wholesale Delta 8 gummies?

Every Delta 8 wholesale supplier claims to have the best Delta 8 gummies, right? There’s an easy way to tell if you’re buying the strongest Delta 8 gummies available. As a stipulation in the 2018 Farm Bill, the bill that makes hemp derived cannabinoids like Delta 8 federally legal, products must be lab tested for THC content to be legally sold. If the hemp derived product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC (the illegal cannabinoid in marijuana) it complies with the Farm Bill regardless of intoxicating effects.

The same testing panels used to determine THC levels also determines levels for other cannabinoids, terpenes and toxins present in the product. Pay close attention to these lab reports referred to as Certificates of Analysis or “COAs”. They contain all the information you’ll need to make an educated decision about the contents of the Delta 8 gummies.

A good wholesale supplier of Delta 8 gummies will always have the COAs posted on their website. Our certificates of analysis can be found on each product page next to the details tab. You will see that our Delta 8 gummies are strong, meet all requirements to be sold legally and do not contain any heavy metals or dangerous pesticides.

Wholesale Delta 8 Gummies

What makes Sneaky Brands Delta 8 gummies different than the rest?

Firstly, the Sneaky Brands gummies are made in our own commercial kitchen that is registered with the local health department and inspected randomly without issue. While a lot of wholesale Delta 8 gummie suppliers can provide lab testing for the distillate used in manufacturing, many of them would be reluctant to discuss the monitoring of their kitchens.

Secondly, our gummies are freakin’ delicious! Not only are they potent but they are very enjoyable to eat. Our repeat customers keep telling us how we have the best tasting Delta 8 gummies they have ever eaten. The quality of our edibles is very important to us and it will keep your customers coming back to your shop for more.

Is it legal to sell Delta 8 Gummies in my state?

Delta 8 is a federally legal product but the federal government has left it up to the states to regulate. As a result, there are currently a handful of states that do not allow for the sale or consumption of Delta 8 products for various reasons. For a full list of states we cannot ship to, you can refer to our shipping policies page. If you’d like more in depth information about alternative cannabinoids and their legalities on a state by state basis, you can read this article.

Will Delta 8 Gummies get my customers high?

Yes, that’s kind of the point. You can provide a safe, legal way for people to experience the positive effects of marijuana without jeopardizing their freedom. Many states that prohibit marijuana recreationally, still allow for the use of Delta 8 products.

With our wholesale Delta 8 gummies you can give your customers a safe alternative to the other intoxicating products they may be acquiring legally such as Spice and Bath Salts. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill and hemp derived cannabinoids, we can provide a lab tested product of the highest quality.

How do I order Delta 8 Gummies to Resell In My Store?

Our registration process is easy. Once you have filled out basic information about your business, our team will provide access to your Delta 8 wholesale account within one business day. When a wholesale user is signed into the website under a wholesale account, they will be able to see preferred pricing for all products.

You can order Delta 8 gummies wholesale online directly from our store. Of course if you have questions you can always contact us.